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Toy stoves

Stoves started to appear in American kitchens in greater numbers in the 1840s. Toy stoves date from the same period. The toy stove evolved right along with the full size model with back shelves and nickel plating becoming popular starting in the 1870s.

The go-to Toy Stove reference book by Dick and Joan Ford was used in pricing these stoves. Most prices are well below their low estimates


karr toy range karr range co.

Karr range with blue porcelain and nickel in excellent condition. 

21" High X 13" Wide X 8" Deep



The doll

The Doll is an early cast iron toy. It was made to have a black finish. This stove has all original lids and the hearth plate is embossed with the name "Anne". It has a light oil finish.

21" High X 13" Wide X 8" Deep



rival toy stove j.e. stevens co.

Ornate, nickel plated range with warming ovens. The nickel plating is not perfect but very presentable. It has one recast lid.

13" High X 15" Wide X 8" Deep



Zenda Toy Range kenton mfg.

Zenda range with electro oxidized finish in excellent condition.

14" High X 15" Wide X 7" Deep



novelty kenton mfg

This stove also came with end shelves and a back shelf. This one is the plainer model and is in good condition.

7" High X 9" Wide X 6" Deep



Triumph toy stove kenton mfg

Nickel plated version of this range showing the same backpiece as Kentons catalog no. 940, in 1905. The original plating is in good shape.

14" High X 16" Wide X 8" Deep



little willie toy abbott & noble

A nice early black finish stove. This is a good, straight stove.

8 1/2" High X 14" Wide X 10" Deep



venus toy stove kenton mfg

Cute range with nickel plating and black finish.

5" High X 8 1/2" Wide X 6" Deep



little eva toy stove kenton mfg

Early black finish stove with makers name on the hearth plate. Nice and straight.

9" High X 11" Wide X 10 1/2 Deep



Pet toy stove Ideal or kenton mfg

Toy range with a copper flash finish, it has a hearth shelf and stovepipe.

7" High X 11" Wide X 4 1/2" Deep



Rival toy stove kenton mfg

 Cute black stove with "RIVAL" embossed on the hearth shelf.

5" High X 8" Wide X 4 1/2" Deep



model toy stove kenton mfg

This is the largest toy stove that Kenton produced. The original nickel plating is in very good condition. It is complete and several original pieces of cookware are included. Just a great stove.

19" High X 26" Wide X  12" Deep