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Salesman Samples

 Salesman sample stoves were produced as miniature versions, in exacting detail, of actual full-size stoves for demonstration purposes to prospective customers. They are usually much larger than toy stoves. You may have seen toy stoves advertised as salesman samples. It's probably not deliberate, in most cases people just don't know the difference between them. The difference in size and detail make it easy to tell them apart.

The go to reference book by Dick and Joan Ford was used in pricing of all my small stoves. My prices are below and, in many cases, well below their low estimate.


Quick Meal S. Sample Model 407-16

This stove is in great as-found condition. It is a straight stove and shows well.

25 1/2" High X 17" Wide X 16" deep



The Range Eternal Engman-Mathews Co.

This hard to find stove is in great original condition. There are 2 recast side shelves that come with it.

30" High X 18" Wide X 15" Deep



Uncle Sam Jr. Abendroth Brothers

Uncle Sam Jr. 1876 range with "low hot closet" and optional left hand reservoir. This stove has been restored and is in excellent condition.

It was made to commemorate the United States centennial.

14" High X 24" Wide X 14" Deep



The Great Majestic Jr. Majestic mfg. Co.

Wonderful stove in original condition. This stove is complete with an end shelf that has the word  "Majestic" cast into it.

30" High X 21" Wide X 21" Deep



Charter oak no. 503 c.f. filley co. cir. 1880

I hope I look this good at 137 years old. This Charter  Oak model contains a reservoir and closet and has a nice flat cook surface. Although it is an exact miniature of the original, it could also be a large toy or store display.

15" High X 25" Wide X 12" Deep