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Column Stoves

The column stove is basically a box stove with two or four vertical flues or columns that were added and connected by a horizontal pipe or secondary chamber.  The hot air in these stoves circulated for a longer period of time within the columns which made them more efficient.  Most column stoves have two front doors that open to reveal the flames.  The loading doors are always on the side.

A boiling hole is often located between the columns above the firebox.  It could hold a tea kettle or cook pot, and when not in use a decorative urn or finial would stand in their place.  A common complaint of cast iron stoves was the disagreeable smell and dryness of air caused by the hot iron.  Therefore, the urns were often filled with spiced or perfumed water that served as humidifiers. 

Stoves made during this period became a focal point in the parlor because the designs incorporated current tastes in architecture, furniture, and other decorative arts.

Column stoves are very rare and are mostly found in fine museums and private collections.


Four Column Stove Albany NY 1840s

This stove is straight and complete right down to its two original urns with covers.  Its ionic columns give it a classic look.  The ornamental wheels on the doors allow for viewing of the fire when opened.  There is an angel with wings cast into its banjo-shaped flue.

40" High X 26" Wide X 19" Deep



Two-Column Dolphin No.1 Troy, New York

This Column Dolphin stove manufactured by Johnson, Geer & Cox is in good condition. It has some slight heat warping of the front doors as can be seen in the pictures. This distortion of the front doors of column stoves is very common because they were made before spark guards and firebox liners. Later parlor stoves were equipped with removable liners that were replaced when they burnt out which saved the stove from any heat damage.

48"High X 31"Wide X 17" Deep



Two Column Stove No. 4 Troy NY

This Johnson, Geer & Cox two column stove has unbelievable castings of fruit throughout. This stove is about as good as it gets. Another testament to the talent of the pattern makers and other foundry workers of the mid 19th century. 

51" High X 32 Wide X 19" Deep



Four Column Dolphin Troy, New York

Another one of the great Johnson, Geer & Cox column stoves produced in the Troy/Albany area.  During the 1820s and 1830s, the dolphin was a popular motif in American decorative arts.  As with most four-column stoves, it has a middle down draft flue structure. This stove is in very good condition.

57" High X 35" Wide X 21" Deep

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Four Column Stove J.Morrison Troy, NY

This outstanding Green Island Stove Works four-column stove has an abundance of eclectic decorative motifs.  Among its fine details is a finial containing a basket of fruit.  It is one of the best column stoves ever produced.  This stove is in excellent condition.

68" High X 35" Wide X 23" Deep

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